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What to expect when your dog goes home from boarding:

Usually pets are super excited /happy to see you after your trip, however sometimes they aren't initially.

So why wasn't my dog excited to see me?!

We get this question from time to time, dogs are more scent oriented then visual(nose then eyes then ears) So sometimes if people are super excited to see their pet and rush to grab them their furry friend does not realize that person rushing towards them is their much loved owner and shy away. We find if you give them a second to get your scent, and then go to greet them or let them come to you you'll see the explosion of excitement you were expecting.

Transitioning back into home life: 24 to 48 hrs is normal

Common things to see:

Dogs seem overly thirsty:
Overexcitement causes dogs to pant more than usual which can make them seem like they are thirsty, this is quite common and normal. We can assure you all guests have 24 hours access to plenty of clean/fresh water while staying with us. Try giving your furry friend a few ice cubes to tide them over until they settle down.

Upset Stomach:
Food: Very much the same as water, dogs are more active here so they may seem quite hungry when they get home (we do increase our guests food if we notice them loosing weight). But please be aware that the excessive drinking and eating may lead to digestive upsets and bloating. Do not feed your pet for at least three hours after coming home from the kennel, and then limit the food and water you provide until he has settled back into home life. Pure pumpkin is excellent for firming up loose stools.

Kennel life can be very exciting, all our guests are free to roam in the daycare during the day so they typically get more exercise ( both physical and mental) then they are used to. It's like bringing your dog to the of leash park but all day long. They run, play, and are constantly meeting new friends. The mental stimulation alone is enough to tire a dog out. It is not uncommon for dogs to leave exhausted but happy, and sleep a lot the first couple of days they are home.

Re-establish home patterns by following a normal schedule. Pets love following a schedule, it makes them feel safe and secure.

Sore Paws:
Since our canine guests are playing and running for much of the day on a variety of surfaces (gravel/ concrete/rubber matting), your dog may experience "tender feet". This is entirely normal and can be moderate or severe, depending on your dog's activity level and previous exposure to rough surfaces. We will intervene with brief rest periods if we notice a dog's activity level is creating discomfort.

Additional things to look out for:
Whenever you expose your dog to other dogs in a public environment like a doggie daycare, vet offices, or dog parks, there are risks involved. Of course, there are benefits also! Your dog learns how to socialize, play and interact in the pack. Friends are made and games are played. The staff at It's A Dog's Life are trained to recognize potential risks, however some are simply unavoidable. Unfortunately dogs are very much like small children - they pass viruses and parasites between each other. We have outlined some common risks below.

Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
Kennel cough is an airborne virus passed from dog to dog. It is very similar to what we consider a common cold, and early stage symptoms may include: a dry, non-productive cough (may sound like your dog has something stuck in their throat), and vomiting a white foamy liquid. Kennel cough is most often treated by keeping your dog at home and allowing the virus to run its course. Unfortunately it takes 2-7 days once a dog is exposed before they start showing any symptoms, so a dog in daycare may have kennel cough and we will not be aware.

Canine Lice
Lice are, unfortunately, now a very common parasite in Alberta. Many dog owners' first thoughts when they hear the term "dog lice" are... "Oh no! First my toddler, now I have to worry about the dog getting infested?!"

Let's get to the good news right up front, that way the rest won't seem all that bad. Dog lice cannot be transferred to humans. Lice are easily treated and there are many holistic alternatives to keep them from re infesting your dog. Dogs with lice may display excessive scratching or have a dry, flaky coat. Lice are visible to the human eye - simply part the dog's fur and look for little bugs close to the skin. If we see a dog scratching while in our care we always check for lice and other parasites. If a dog is found with lice, we will remove them from the daycare area and contact their owners.

Papilloma(Dog Warts)
Papilloma is a virus found most frequently in the mouths of dogs less than two years of age. They appear as cauliflower-like growths on the lips and gums. It is passed from dog to dog via physical contact - playing, sharing toys, and sharing water bowls. If your dog contracts papilloma, a supplement such as Peterna may help it run its course faster. Again since it is a virus, it just needs to run its course. If a dog if found with a papilloma we will remove them from the daycare area and contact their owners.

Please call us if you have any questions/concerns following your stay, we are here to help.

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