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Icelandic Mud Therapy. Seagrass Undercoat Exfoliation. Botanical Oil Massage. Aromatherapy Paw Treatment. Oatmeal Avocado Scrub. That Is Soooo Not Us.

As much as we like to treat our canine companions as little extensions of ourselves, the fact remains that they don’t really want much more than a bowl of cool water, a dish of crunchy kibbles, and their fair share of your bed at night. At It’s A Dog’s Life, we believe in treating dogs like dogs, recognizing that their coats, skin and nails require regular attention, and providing professional, expert grooming services, combined with just the right touch of pampering. And yes, if you insist on having Daisy’s nails painted fuchsia, we’ll see what we can do.

Regular grooming care is essential to your pet’s health and well - being. Our professional, experienced staff will ensure your dog or cat is provided with the pampered, caring, and quality service they deserve. Same day appointments are often available, just call ahead.

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